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Hi! I’m Kim,

Your crafty, creative, tech-savvy podcast producer, devoted to helping you turn your audio into a form of art.

It takes more than a great microphone, recording software, and an impactful script to create a wildly successful podcast

But you probably already know that!

You have the right amount of enthusiasm and a vault brimming with spectacular ideas but the time commitment required to produce, edit and manage a podcast has caught you off guard.

You’re jumping hurdles left and right before you can even THINK about hitting publish.  

Kim Parkinson HeadShot

Doing research, creating valuable content, finding an audience, editing, writing show notes, noise reduction, and clean-up are just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s nothing you can afford to skimp on.  

With millions of podcasts in the atmosphere, and even more popping up each day...

mediocre just isn't going to cut it.

Having a professional sounding podcast is a must and that can’t happen with your limited amount of time, energy  and, let’s face it,  tech skills.

Besides, it isn’t even close to where your genius lies.

It’s time to hold up the white flag and get yourself some help.

You need quality podcast production, management and editing designed to capture your creative vision

The bottom line is that having a podcast can help your business grow by increasing your visibility, boosting your revenue and expanding your reach.  You don’t want to let the “process” stop you.

I have a passion for helping small creative businesses succeed. 

I like to play where bold ideas live. 

I’d  always loved to listen to podcasts but a behind-the-scenes look from my musical husband ignited a spark I couldn’t ignore.  

My passion for creating and my love for technology was the perfect partnership and shaped me into  a different kind of podcast producer. 

Weaving artistry into your audio is my specialty. 

Taking a little of this and mixing it with a little of that is how masterpieces are built.

When you put your podcast in my hands the only thing you have to worry about is how you’re going to make an impact.

It takes a team to Build the Podcast of Your Dreams

Your audience is out there waiting to hear your voice.

Podcast Episodes Produced
Launches Completed

Having crafted over 800 captivating podcast episodes, I’m confident that we can create something extraordinary together.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into podcasting or are in search of expert support for production, management, and editing, there’s no time like the present to turn your podcast dreams into a reality.

Click below to learn more about working with me.

Podcast Management

Podcast Management

Need it all? You record, drop the file in a cloud drive and we'll take it from there. Editing, producing, show notes, teasers, audiograms, uploading - we'll do it all.

Strategy and Coaching

Strategy and Coaching

Need a little boost in listeners? Let's chat about where you've been and where you can go.

Podcast Season Blueprint

Podcast Season Blueprint

Record a whole season in one sitting and then let us take care of the rest.

Podcast Audit


Is your podcast available on all the platforms? Are you updating your blog with your show notes? Does your PodImage reflect your brand? Let's dive in and check.

Pitching on Podcasts

Looking to grow your reach? Grow your audience? Share your knowledge and expertise? Getting heard on podcasts is an excellent way to get eyes and ears on your biz.

Podcast Season Blueprint

Podcast Season Blueprint

Record a whole season in one sitting and then let us take care of the rest.

VIP Launch

VIP Launch

Need help planning your podcast? We offer a VIP coaching day to get your idea up off the ground and into the airwaves.

Guest Management

Guest Management

Need guests for your show? Want to be sure they get the royal treatment? We send out the emails to your guests, get their bios, pics, socials and make sure you both are ready for your podcast episode.

A La Carte

A La carte

Need to pick and choose? Editing, Show Notes, Teasers, AudioGrams, Transcription, and more.

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