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Hi there! I’m Kim,

founder of KP Creative Media, your boutique digital marketing agency

I’m a nerd for tech, but my heart beats with creativity and vision.  As a CEO, CIO, and even a local TV show host, burnout finally got me.  So I sharpened my business skills and transitioned from craft store owner to savvy entrepreneur.  Now I’m passionately dedicated to helping spiritual entrepreneurs elevate their businesses with time-tested strategies and an engaging online presence.  Let’s manifest the reality you’ve been dreaming of!

It takes more than passion to run a business

You’re full of inspirational ideas and a deep-seated devotion to making a difference.

But the reality of digital entrepreneurship caught you off guard.

Maybe you:​

You finally understand that it’s going to take more than creativity and a vision to reach your goals.

We’re holding space for you.

Our expert technical prowess, proven strategic planning skills and deep understanding of digital platforms make us your go-to for managing the day-to-day tasks that are creating blocks in your business.

Blending creativity with technology

to manifest your spiritual vision

We believe in the power of your message and the impact it can have on the world.

Technology shouldn’t dampen your mission, your passion and your impact. It should enhance it.

That’s why we weave creativity into your tech so that your business not only thrives, but resonates deeply with your audience.

From initial idea to final execution, we’re dedicated to elevating your voice while expanding your reach.

Making your digital marketing efforts as impactful and soulful as your vision is possible.

Here’s where our expertise shines

Our mission is to transform your vision into reality by helping you synchronize the constantly moving parts of your business journey.

Whether it's:

… you’re in good hands.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship Essentials

Helping you manage your business without the stress is what we do best! Our services are tailored for entrepreneurs who prefer simplicity over tech jargon. From organizing daily tasks to setting realistic goals, we’ll put your needs first. Plus, we’ll help you make sense of those tricky business numbers and plan for a profitable future. With our heart-centred strategic sessions and audits, you’ll have all the tools you need to build a successful and sustainable business that lasts.

Soulful Suite For Online Presence

Whether you’re new to the digital realm or seeking to streamline your online presence, our tailored suite of services are designed to support you in improving your visibility. We offer email marketing funnels, social media management, website assistance, course platform setup, and more. With expertise in platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc., we’ll help you navigate the tech landscape with simplicity. Our audits ensure your online presence aligns seamlessly with your spiritual mission. We’re passionate about supporting you in shining your light on the world.

Radiant Podcasting Resources

Looking to reach a wider audience through podcasting but are frustrated with all the techy details? Our wide-ranging suite of services include everything from podcast launch to ongoing management, including editing, show notes, audiograms/reels, quote graphics, and tracking. We also offer support with guest/speaker events, whether it’s helping you find guests for your show or helping you become a guest on other podcasts. And to understand whether your show is reaching its full potential, we deliver complete podcast audits. We’ll help you talk more and tech less.

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