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Creativity and technology are arguably better together.

Producing Flawless Podcasts Takes A Special Kind of Magic

Meet Kim, Your Podcast Alchemist

Your podcast producer with a sprinkle of magic, devoted to transforming your audio into a work of art.

Podcasts are Dominating

In this age of digital connection, podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool to boost engagement, foster connections, and supercharge conversions. You had a vision, and your show was born. However, what you didn’t anticipate was the time and energy consumed by tweaking every “um” and “uh.” You’re here to touch souls, not become an audio editing guru.

From Planning to 100+ Episodes, I've Got You!

Whether your podcast is still in the planning stages or you’re celebrating your 100th episode, I hear you. crash courses in audio editing.

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My Sole Mission: To Breathe with You

My mission is simple: I’m here to breathe alongside you. To be your guiding star and problem solver. To provide you with solutions and strategies that align seamlessly with your unique vision and business.

Leave the tech to me. You've got better things to do...

While technology is my playground, creativity and Vision run through my veins.

In my world, you’ll find my two beautiful sons, a loving husband, two playful dogs, a curious cat, eight clucking chickens, and endless open spaces.

But crafting holds a special place in my heart. There’s something truly intoxicating about creating beautiful things. Scrapbooking, mixed media, painting, card making – anything involving paper, ink, and paint makes my heart sing.

In 2012, I even embarked on a brick-and-mortar adventure, opening my own craft store. I became the CEO, CIO, Web Developer, Social Media Manager, VA, Class Instructor, and, believe it or not, a Television Host with my own local cable TV show!

This experience taught me the ropes of the business world, both online and offline.

In 2017, after feeling burnt out from the hustle and bustle of retail, I decided to close my store and sought a career that resonated with me and fit seamlessly into my life.

Turning Passion Into Profession

Then, the stars aligned. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, a rock band guitarist who not only taught me the ins and outs of recording and editing but also ignited a fire within me for podcast production.

I wove my love for creating with my love for technology and built a business around it.

Your Passion, Your Vision, My Expertise

I’m the kind of professional who understands your passion and vision. I’m the kind of professional who can bring them to life.

Personal Touch

I take pride in the personal touch I offer. You’re not just a project – you’re a person with a passion and a dream. That’s why I invest time in getting to know each and every one of my clients before we embark on this podcasting journey together.

Your Satisfaction, My Mission

Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal. If you’re not happy, neither am I. I won’t give up until you are.

So, what do you say? How about you, me, and your podcast embark on this magical journey together? Bottom line: I care, I listen, and I’m here to help your podcast shine.

Let's create podcasting magic, shall we?

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Podcast Portfolio

A peek at a few of my favorite episodes.

Idea to A Million

Idea to a Million with Melissa Henault was one of my most favorite episodes of hers.

Get Found Online: Website and SEO Best Practices

While this podcast is geared towards marketers, this episode has the best content for anyone with a website.

The Potential of Email Marketing

Val Full Volume

Do you struggle with email marketing?  Yeah, it’s not easy but Val breaks it down for us.

The Most Important Plan - Your Business Plan

She's Killing It Podcast Cover Art

Alicia and Deb bring you a clear way to start and build your business into an empire.  Don’t miss these biweekly episodes.

Mealtime Magic & Mayhem

You may recognize the special guest here.  It’s always a pleasure to chat with our clients.

Community Over Competition

U R Immeasurable Podcast

Tonesha is a transformation coach.  And you can hear the love she pours into us in each of her episodes.  

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