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We are just a few days into February and boy, it’s crazy weather here in Boston. Last weekend, we had 27+ inches of snow, and today, it’s cold, rainy and we could possibly get some sleet, ice, and maybe more snow. This is a great time to stay indoors.

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By now you may be thinking about your podcast stats from 2021. Did your podcast grow? Did you reach a milestone? Maybe you got some really great reviews or feedback. Or maybe you don’t know.

Podcast stats are usually pretty easy to find. They have located right in your hosting platform as well as some online resources. My favorite is Chartable.

What Kind of Stats Are Important?

Statistics Graph

You ready for this? none. I know, I just told you about checking your stats but now I say none. Well, ok maybe none isn’t quite accurate. Everyone is going to be different on this one. If you are looking for sponsors, that’s important. If you are looking for growth in listeners, you may want to know this. If you want to know how many people click from your podcast to your course to purchase – you’ll want a different tactic. (psst. create a special link and put it in your show notes!)

So You're Curious and Want to Know - How Many Subscribers DO I have?

Adoring Fans
Check out ALL your adoring fans!

 While you may not be able to determine exactly how many subscribers you have, a good rule of thumb is – to release an episode and 24 hours later, go check out how many downloads that episode has. That’s typically the number of subscribers you have. While this can change weekly, it’s a good benchmark.

Podcast Milestones - What?

Shouting from Rooftops Boy

Celebrating your 50th episode? Maybe you are releasing a new season? Maybe you have a very special guest on. Even your launch is a milestone. Perhaps it’s your most downloaded episode of 2021. Whatever it is, you want to be sure you shout that information out on the rooftops. Get that information up on social media!

Keep Track

If you want a way to keep track of stats, milestones, or even awesome reviews, check out our Podcast Media Kit. This Canva based document helps you keep track of your show’s listeners, downloads, your social media reach, your reviews, most listened to episodes, guest appearances, and more. Use it for yourself OR use it to shout this information out to the rooftops!

If you haven’t started your podcast yet, let’s chat. I want to know what’s holding you back. Here’s an awesome stat for you – did you know that over 40% of podcast listeners will make a purchase based on what a podcast host talks about? 40% is an excellent conversion! Heck, a webinar’s conversion is about 5-10%. So, if you are thinking about starting a podcast and want to know more, I encourage you to schedule a strategy and coaching call with me today.

If you have a podcast –  let me know. I’d love to listen in! I’m always looking for a new podcast to explore.

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