Find Unexpected Audiences with Podcasting

Podcasting is a niche marketing dream. Finding an audience who is primed and ready for what you have to offer is simple when there are multiple podcasts covering the subjects you’re an expert in. If you are an event planner, there are podcasts devoted to weddings, parties, and more. Being a guest is a natural fit for the audience and you will likely find new fans who will access your website and social media simply because they heard you on their favorite podcast.

There are even more ways to get access to unexpected audiences through podcasting!

While you are an expert in your business, you likely have expertise in other areas of life, too. Chances are, there is a podcast that can highlight one or more of the other talents and gifts that you have to offer.

Example: You may be a coach or specialist in public speaking. Your main gig is selling coaching packages or content to help men and women become better speakers. It is a natural fit for you to be on a podcast that emphasizes speaking. The audience is a perfect avatar for you and you are most assured to get new traffic and more sales simply from being a guest, but there are other ways for you to get more traffic.

Finding a podcast that highlights one of your other talents such as marketing, being a minority in business, being a published author, being the parent of a special needs child, or some other aspect of your life makes you a great candidate for podcasts that focus on those issues. During your interview, you will be able to share what your primary source of work is. This double exposure is a wonderful way to get traffic from unexpected sources. 

Example: You are a guest on a podcast and you click with the host. He holds conferences and invites you to be a speaker or workshop leader at his event. Boom, you have access to a whole new group of people stemming from one interview.

Example: You are contacted by a podcast host out of the blue. Turns out a host recommended you to his colleague because your interview was a success and their downloads increased. Without any effort, you are scheduled to be a guest on another show.

Example: Thanks to effective social media, a podcast host has repeatedly shared graphics and links to an interview you participated in. Because of this, new downloads are happening long after your interview is over. Each new listen generates new leads linking back to your website and social media.

Podcasting is the exposure vehicle that keeps on giving, with very little effort. Get access to unexpected audiences by connecting with and collaborating with podcasters.

Need help getting onto other podcasts?

Sure, it may seem easy for us but maybe you aren’t quite ready yet to take the plunge.  Let us guide you on your journey and get you some exposure.

Check out our DIY course, Pitch and Get Booked.  With this course, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of finding the podcasts you want to be on, pitching yourself to the hosts, and what comes next.  We offer swipe files, trackers and a checklist on set up and preparing for your interview.


Let us do the work for you.  We chat with your on what types of podcasts you may want to be on.  We set up the emails, find the podcasts and set out the requests.  While we can’t guarantee you’ll get on every request, we will find you a few sweet interview spots so you can get your passion out on the airwaves.  Want to know more?  

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