Keep Creating You

Podcast for GenX women.  We talk about the next steps in your life.

Keep Creating You Podcast Art
Are you doing what you love?  Are you surrounding yourself with love?  Now that our children are grown (or nearly there) have you found yourself with more time to think about yourself and what you can do for yourself?  In today’s episode, we are going to take a look deep inside and see what lights...
Have you been struggling to decide what your next steps are? Have you thought of the next part of your life? As Generation X women, we have a lot of different life experiences and a lot of options for our future. But have you been thinking about them? In this very first episode, Kim shares...
Let’s get started.  Keep Creating You will be about your life after 45+.  Whether your kids are grown, your career is gone stale or you are just looking for the next adventure, we’re going to be taking a peek at what that means when you’ve gotten to the 2nd half of your life. DFUR1TepsVnrxJJ2ZK7D
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