March Podcast Topics

Looking for Podcast topics to talk about this month?

Of course, you have different audiences but I’m offering here a few fun ‘holidays’ and some title suggestions for you to use and run with.

Here are a few dates to note and what you could talk about:

3/2 – National Old Stuff Day (Ready to revive your biz?  Try something new!)

3/3 – I Want You to Be Happy Day (You can think of nearly anything to help your listeners with this!)

3/15 – Everything You Think Is Wrong Day –  List fun facts about your Biz, or about your niche that people may or may not know. – Make it fun!)

3/16 – Everything You Do Is Right Day – Give yourself some credit.  Tell your listeners to do the same.  Recognize them for what they are doing that’s moving the needle in the right direction.

3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day – If you have a cooking podcast, talk about your favorite Irish meals or desserts. 

3/20- World Storytelling Day – Tell your listeners a story about you and your biz or how your biz is sparking others to grow theirs.  Make this one a story you tell.

3/29 – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day – This opens a wide variety of things.  Talk about your own entrepreneurship and how you became the business owner you are.  Talk about the beginnings of starting out – the struggles you faced.  

3/30 – Talk a Walk in the Park Day – How can a walk in the park boost your creativity?  Your business?  Your mind?  Maybe record this one WHILE walking in the park.  Tell them why the audio isn’t the best.

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