Podcast Monetization: Know Your Offer and Sell It

Staying in touch with your audience is easy with podcasts. In addition to being highly engaging, they can also be easily digested without visual aids.

Podcasts can be used for any type of content that is delivered through audio – from interviews to lectures to discussions. Podcasts are an excellent form of media if you want to share your thoughts on a topic. But it is not always as easy as video if you want to sell products or services. Currently, 62% of American’s listen to a podcast in their car on their cell phone. That makes it close to impossible for them to write down your website URL, or click on a link. So, how can we get them to remember your offer?

How do we capture their attention enough to remember our offer?

The average American’s attention span is 8 seconds. (1) That is the amount of time it takes for someone to scroll and click through a social media feed. (2) This short attention span can make it hard to capture someone’s interest and remember our offer.

Don’t just tell your listeners about the offer, you need to sell them your offer. Mention your offer several times in your podcast. Not just an ad in your podcast about your offer, but really sell it to them so they know why they need to remember your offer.

Many podcasters will mention an offer once or twice. They put out several episodes, mention the offer once in one episode and once in another. They get no conversion and they get frustrated. It’s because they aren’t putting it in front of their listeners more. 

Getting listeners to convert can be a challenge for podcasters. If you are watching Youtube, you can click on a link easy peasy and then see the offer. Podcast listeners are on the go.  Podcasters have to mention the offer, sell the offer and sell the offer again to get people to remember. And not just one episode, multiple episodes. You need to put it out there for them to remember.  

If they are listening, they like your content, they’ll appreciate your offer.

Whether you have 1 listener or you have 1 million listeners, if they are listening to your episodes, they like what you have to say. They like your content, they appreciate it and they gain something from it. Dont’ worry about making the offer and losing listeners. If they unsubscribe, those people weren’t ever going to buy anything from you anyhow. You are just narrowing down the pool of people who will buy from you.

If you have something to sell, your podcast should be used as a standalone marketing strategy. You can use it as the basis for your marketing campaign and make announcements about new products or services during episodes.  Make that offer.  Sell that offer.  Don’t just tell them about the offer, really give them the pain points and why your offer should stand out.

Try this approach to get your offer to convert.

In each episode bring up your offer. Make sure you list the benefits of the offer. Why will this help them? How will it make their lives easier? Think about and answer any questions about the offer that people might have. Sometimes basics are good too – such as, when can I sign up?  Where can I sign up?  How long is the offer good for?  How long will it take me to get or complete your offer?  Brainstorm on the best questions that your optimum client will have and answer them.  

Devote an episode or a portion of an episode to your offer and really dive into it. Tell them about the value, how it will help them, and tell them where they can get it and when this offer is good. Do this several times. Not as an ad but as part of your episode. Sure, you can create an ad out of it for other episodes but one episode (or portion of an episode) should be about selling that offer. Really deeply diving into why they need or want it.

SELL and conversion will come.

So, you’ve made an offer. You’ve mentioned it in several episodes and not many conversions.  Don’t despair. Try again. Listen to your episodes. Have someone else listen. Ask your podcast producer. What can you tweak? Maybe your offer isn’t for your audience? Maybe your offer isn’t compelling enough? Or maybe it’s just not the right time. It’s going to be tough to sell a course on baking Christmas cookies in April. Turn your thinking around and offer something else. No. I didn’t ask you to rewrite the course/offer/etc. Change the name. Write out one more lesson or offer. If your offer is converting in Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, it will convert on your podcast. You just need to sell it.

Still having a tough time?

You’ve reviewed your offer, you’ve had a friend or colleague listen and it’s still not converting.  Perhaps it’s time you had someone else listen. Book a Strategy or Coaching Call with us and we’ll listen to your podcast, review your offer and give you some pointers or ideas on how you can get better conversion.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of ears to help you along.

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