Each week, I will be discussing actionable steps to help you grow, create and make your podcast better than ever.

We’ll discuss topics like where to find listeners, how to set up your mic, zoom settings, echo reduction, intros and outros, and more. I will share my insights and expertise to help you create the perfect podcast.

In addition, I’ll talk about my own experiences in crafting and owning my own brick-and-mortar craft studio and being an executive producer on a television show.

If you’re looking to monetize your podcast, join me to learn how to create an effective CTA aligned with your business and message.

Tune in for tips and advice to make your podcast the best it can be and start building an engaged audience.


[00:00:00] Hey, thanks so much for joining me on this very first episode of Creative Podcasting. My name is Kim Parkinson. I'm your host, and let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect from this podcast. Each week, each week, I am going to be bringing you actionable steps that you can take to grow.

Create and make your podcast better than ever. We're talking about where to find listeners. We're talking about how to set up your mic. We're talking about those zoom settings. We are talking about how to omit that echo, add your intro, your outro, how to find music, all those things we're going to be talking about each week on this podcast, so make sure that you hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on what we're gonna be talking.

Now, what else can I tell you about me? I have been a podcast host before. I had a podcast before called [00:01:00] Creating You, and it was about Gen X women. Now, I abruptly stopped that in July of last year when I got covid and was so sick and I just actually never got back to it because like a good podcast, I just couldn't figure out a way to kind of bring that podcast CTA into my own podcast, into my own business.

And so I just decided that it just was turning into more of a hobby than a list builder or a growth builder. This is just a couple of those things that you wanna think about when you are starting your own podcast. Right. So having a hobby podcast is excellent. People love listening to true crime. People love listening to all sorts of different types of podcasts on anything.

I mean, I have seen podcasts on. Golden doodles, . You can legitimately have podcasts about anything, but if you are looking to monetize and [00:02:00] create some way of people getting from listener into your platform, you're gonna need a cta and you're gonna need a way to try to make sure that they are aligned with your business.

and when I realized last year, even though I really wanted to start a podcast and I really wanted to try to figure out all the ins and outs and have all of the issues that podcasts have when they're first starting, or the growth thing, or the growth thing, or the growth of podcasts, what I really wanted to do was I wanted to make sure that I had something.

I could bring back to my business. And that particular podcast just wasn't doing it for me. So when I got Covid, I just decided, you know what? It is a great time to stop that. Will I start it back up again? Maybe someday. But right now it's just living out there evergreen for people to listen to if they feel like it.

Now, [00:03:00] I know that we're going to talk about different things in the upcoming weeks. I've got a outline all. And maybe this is a great time to tell you about how I create my outlines. And I do this usually someplace other than my desk. And the reason why I do that is I just have a great way of being able to pull in ideas from other people when I'm at the library, when I'm at a coffee shop, when.

Brewery with my husband and he's watching the game and I'm thinking, I don't really wanna watch the game, but I'll write down some ideas. Those are when the great ideas start flooding in. And what I have also noticed is that when you have those ideas, sometimes those ideas can even be broken down, even.

More. So we'll get into a little bit about that in future episodes. But this is basically how I started my ideas on this podcast. And [00:04:00] then I actually ran all those ideas against another person. So I met with a coach and we had a little discussion about my podcast episode ideas, and we just talked about what it is that I wanted to talk about in the first 10 episodes, and we broke it all.

so it's great to have somebody else to talk about when you do that. We do. Strategy and coaching calls. So if you feel like that is something that you don't have somebody to talk to about, just reach out to me and we can get to you to help you make sure that your CTA and your podcast are aligned with your business and your message, which is so important, right?

You just wanna make sure that you're always bringing value to those people. Now a little bit more about me, other than being in the podcasting arena since 2020 as a podcast producer and strategist. I also, prior to that, was executive producer on a [00:05:00] television show called, uh, keep Creating You. Nope. I was executive producer on a TV show called Keep Creating.

This was a TV show that was actually crafting based. So my background, which is one of the reasons why this is called Creative Podcasting. My background is in crafting. So I used to own my own brick and mortar craft studio, and at that time I would teach anywhere between, oh my goodness, probably six to eight different, six to eight different crafting classes per week in person, two people.

Now, I didn't just start at my own store. Prior to that I was a travel teacher. And traveled all over New England teaching crafts and then also did a little bit of in-person at the place I started at, [00:06:00] which would be a store that closed prior to mine opening. I loved teaching people new things. I loved taking what I had learned in trade shows and online, although not so much online back then, but I loved taking that and I loved teaching others and just allowing their creativity to blossom and bloom was so important to me and.

The pandemic hit and I decided that I was going to move into podcasting. I really decided I was gonna work with small businesses, especially for that reason, because it's really important for a small business to blossom and bloom and get their message out to the world, and what better way to do that than through the power of podcasting.

So that's where I am today After, uh, That's where I am today. [00:07:00] After 2020, I created my podcasting agency in.

After I started my business in 2020, I decided in late 2022 to become a podcasting agency, and now we have three people on our team and myself. So four altogether, and we do some pretty darn good work in my opinion, but. I am so looking forward to reaching out to you every week and just telling you a little bit more about how you can make your podcast the best podcast it can possibly be.

You can find more out about me and my business. at kp creative media.com. And also I so invite you to follow me on Instagram or TikTok where I share not only tips about podcasting, but I also share a little bit [00:08:00] about my chickens and my dogs too, cuz I just love them. And occasionally you might even see me hanging out with one of my adult.

I am awaiting one of my sons to come home from the military, and let me tell you, I am super stoked. He's gonna be home soon, so we are going to probably have him in a little bit of more stories as he shows up on the scene. Now, what else can I tell you about this? I think for today that's probably just about it.

There is going to be a couple more episodes dropped on this particular day as well. So the next one that we're gonna talk about is, is it hard to podcast? And then after that is what is it that you need to get started? And I cannot wait to share those with you. This is gonna be great. B, you're just gonna be able to take all of this, and each week you're just gonna be able to make your [00:09:00] message and your podcast better and better.

And soon you'll have a ton of listeners, you'll have a ton of reviews, and you'll just be bringing in all of the dough because you're gonna be growing so quickly. I cannot wait to help you along your podcasting. . Until next time, I will talk to you soon. Thanks.

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