This week’s topic is all about creating a trailer for your podcast. A trailer is generally created before recording the first episode and is used to introduce the show to various platforms such as Apple, Spotify, and Google podcasts. The trailer is also a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the hosting process and build confidence before uploading an entire episode. The trailer should give a brief introduction about yourself, what listeners can expect, and a teaser about what type of episodes will be featured. It’s also recommended to share the mission and purpose of the show as well as the frequency of episodes. Deleting a trailer is possible but Apple likes you to have them.  Trailers aren’t necessary for every season unless the focus of the show changes.

Overall, creating a trailer is a crucial step for introducing your podcast, and provides a great opportunity to set the tone of the show and share important information with listeners. The trailer should be about five minutes maximum, though longer is acceptable and can include any kind of content. While deleting a trailer is possible, it is recommended to keep it as it helps to make the RSS feed connection and it serves as a quantifier of having a podcast. Lastly, the trailer should mention the frequency of episodes, and is vital if the focus of the show changes.


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