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We are a full-service online business and marketing agency for spiritually aligned and divine feminine entrepreneurs.

We're here to help you.

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Business Basics

Embarking on a journey or scaling new heights, we offer guidance and support for spiritually aligned entrepreneurs to solidify their business foundations.


From refreshing your current website to crafting a new digital presence, we specialize in elevating sites for spiritually aligned entrepreneurs to shine.

Social Media

From launching your journey to managing weekly social media content, we're here to support you in making their mark online.


Seeking to initiate or expand your podcast? Our launch and management packages handle everything from beginning to end—just focus on recording!

Speaking Events

Seeking opportunities as a podcast guest, or organizing an event and need to arrange speakers for promotion? We're here to facilitate these connections.

Project Support

Whether transitioning to a new course platform or planning your next event, our expertise is here to steer you and your team towards success.

Email Funnels

While social media is a powerful tool, it shouldn't be your sole strategy. Developing a funnel is crucial for nurturing and expanding your business.


Uncertain about issues with your website, podcast, or social media? Allow us to conduct a thorough analysis, and we'll pinpoint exactly what needs improvement.

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Hi! I’m Kim,

 founder of the digital marketing agency, KP Creative Media.  I am passionately dedicated to empowering spiritually aligned women entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to transform your vision into reality, covering all facets of your business journey. Whether it’s…

  • establishing your brand’s online presence
  • launching a captivating podcast
  • engaging your audience through social media
  • securing speaking opportunities
  • managing projects efficiently
  • or building effective email funnels

We're here to guide you.

I understand the complexities of digital entrepreneurship.

You are brimming with inspirational ideas and a deep-seated passion for making a difference.

Yet, the technicalities of digital marketing, from website development to podcast production and beyond, can be overwhelming.

It demands more than just creativity and vision—it requires technical prowess, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of digital platforms.  

That's where my agency steps in.

With a rich background in technology and a heart aligned with creativity, I’ve always been drawn to helping others bring their visions to life. 

Inspired by my own journey and the transformative power of podcasts and digital platforms, I’ve harnessed my love for tech and artistry to serve entrepreneurs like you.

We believe in the power of your message and the impact it can have on the world.

Our approach is to blend technology with creativity, ensuring your business not only thrives but resonates deeply with your audience.

From the initial idea to the final execution, we’re dedicated to elevating your voice and expanding your reach.

Let’s create something extraordinary together. With our support, you can focus on what truly matters—your mission, your passion, and your impact. Let’s make your digital marketing efforts as impactful and soulful as your vision.

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