Podcast Production

Choose your package

Option One

Frustrated with editing?  Get the help you need. 

For 4 episodes monthly:

  • Noise reduction and audio cleaning (removing ums, ahs, long pauses)
  • Mixing of episode with intro, outro and ad(s)
  • Review of audio sound for normalizing
  • Addition of ID3 tagging
  • Show Notes
  • Guidance with Episode Title
  • Uploading and scheduling in host
  • Organization of all files in a shared folder
  • Episode tracking in Asana


Option Two

Not sure what to do after the recording is over?  Look no further.  Paired with all the awesome services found in Option One you will also get with your weekly episode:

  • 1 Audiogram per episode
  • 1 Quote pulled per episode
  • Publishing schedule added to your website with show notes and episode player
  • Slack or Voxer access


Ready to level up your Podcasting Game?