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Podcast Media Kit

If your podcast is hidden in the shadows, you’re robbing the world of your life-changing messages.  Your brilliance needs to be unleashed.

Our Podcast Media Kit is your pathway to making waves across the globe.

Whether you’re about to start a new season, have a special guest lined up or are celebrating your 100th episode, our media kit will help you connect to your audience and capture their hearts.

From social media scrolls to illuminating conversations in cozy cafes, we want your light to shine in every corner of the universe.

Our 12 in-depth instructional frameworks are designed to effectively advertise and market your podcast to undiscovered listeners, the media, sought-after guests, important sponsors and more!

With our easy-to-follow video tutorials, you’ll have us right by your side as we walk you through the best ways to get the most out of this content.

The best part?  You’re in control.  Our Canva Pro templates can be customized to match your style, vibe, and uniqueness. 

No more flying under the radar.  Get the attention you desire.

Podcast Planner

Creating a successful podcast isn’t just about big dreams and transformational messages.  To make an impact you’re going to have to do some planning.

And maybe that’s not your strong suit.

We can relate.  

That’s why we designed our ultimate Podcast Planner as the perfect companion for you to stay organized and on top of your podcasting game.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or are just starting out, this digital/printable planner will bring things into perfect harmony.  Packed full of 30 done-for-you templates, we’ll give you the wisdom and insight to navigate the nitty-gritty of podcasting with ease.

Let your ideas come alive as you explore the endless options within each page:

We’ll give you everything from daily planning sheets to equipment checklists to guide you through every step of your podcasting adventure.

Planning is the foundation on which dreams are built. 

Digital Planner


*** For the techie types:  to be used with GoodNotes

Printable Planner


*** This is a digital file designed for printing purposes.  No physical planner will be sent

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