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Online Presence with Our Social Media Management Package

Are you struggling to manage the complexities of social media promotion? 

Let us streamline the process and elevate your online engagement effortlessly.

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You're not alone.

If you are an event organizer, you face the challenge of navigating the intricate world of social media management while striving to make your event a success. From coordinating interviews with participants to crafting engaging content and developing effective marketing strategies, the demands can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling stressed and stretched thin.

We have the solution?

Imagine having a dedicated team of experts by your side, handling all aspects of social media management with precision and finesse. Picture the relief of knowing that your event’s online presence is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating meaningful experiences for your audience.

What's Included In Our Monthly Retainer

Scheduling & Organizing Interviews

Marketing Strategy creation for interview or event

For only $2000 per month you can have peace of mind

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