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Our Services

Project Management Service

Social Media Management:
Including promotion for events, creation of engaging posts, reels/stories, scheduling on multiple platforms, and more.

Scheduling & Organizing Interviews:
Coordination and organization of interviews with event participants, including email coordination, Zoom room setup, and content creation.

Marketing Strategy Creation:
Tailored marketing strategies for events, including personalized templates for social media sharing, content creation, and easy access to promotional materials.

Social Media Management

Scheduling & Organizing Interviews:
Streamlining the process by coordinating interviews with event participants, managing email correspondence, organizing Zoom sessions, and providing support throughout.

Marketing Strategy Creation:
Crafting personalized marketing strategies tailored to the event’s needs, including template creation for social media sharing, content personalization, and ongoing support.

Collaboration with Existing Social Media Managers:
Working seamlessly with your current social media team to ensure they have all necessary assets from the interviews for effective promotion.

Project Support (Retainer)

Marketing Strategy Creation:
Customized marketing strategies developed for events, involving reaching out to participants and vendors for detailed information, creating personalized templates for social media and newsletters, and ongoing support in content creation.

Monthly Check-in Call:
A 60-minute call to discuss progress, address any concerns, and ensure alignment with your goals.

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