Why Your Podcast Needs a Website

Are you looking for ways to reach more podcast listeners? Do you want to create a larger online presence for your show? If so, creating a website for your podcast is the perfect solution.

Podcasting has grown immensely in the past few years, and a website is one of the most important ways to take advantage of this growth. A website helps you reach more listeners, create an engaging platform for your podcast, and control how your podcast is presented to the world. It can also be used to generate revenue, increase discoverability, and make a great first impression with potential listeners. 

Why Having a Website is Important for Your Podcast

It is, by far, the easiest way for you to promote your podcast link.  Send people to the link  for your website and you’ll never need to remember the long URL to Apple or Spotify or to send them off to a 3rd party site to find your podcast.

You always remember the link to your website, and having a link to your podcast’s site or to your podcast show in the navigation bar is going to be an easy find for people landing on your site.

A website allows you to share essential details about your podcast and provides listeners with easy access to all your episodes. It can also be used to generate revenue, optimize for SEO, list your podcast on platforms and social media, create an archive of your episodes, and make a good first impression. With a website, you have more control over the data and brand associated with your podcast and can easily customize the look and feel of the site to match your own style. Additionally, you can add extra features such as polls, forums, and quizzes to engage with listeners and build a community around your podcast.

Increased Discoverability

Being able to create a digital destination for your podcast allows you to establish a presence online and helps potential listeners find your show easily.

Having a dedicated website for your podcast helps to improve visibility on search engines and social media, increasing the likelihood of people finding and listening to your show.

Additionally, having a website gives you the ability to create SEO-friendly content that helps to increase discoverability.

You can also use your website as an archive of all your episodes, which will help more people discover the content they may have missed.

A whole website or just a link?

If you already have a website and this site has information that supports your podcast, just use your site.  Sure you can secure the show’s name as a domain.  You never know when you might want to use it – need it OR you may not want someone else taking that domain name.

If you have a show that’s an offshoot of your brand or possibly doesn’t have anything to do with your brand.  Consider starting a site just for that show.  Think of it as the hub for what you can put on there.

What should be on my podcast's website?

Here are a few thing that should definitely be on your podcast’s website, or somewhere on your site if using your own:

The hosts name

A media kit for the host if you are looking to guest on other people’s podcast

A contact page or maybe a link to a questionnaire and your calendar if you are actively looking for guests.

A little bit about your podcast – perhaps even add the teaser to the top so people can get a quick view of what your show is about.

Your show is embedded in your site.  This is so people can listen directly on your site.  Why?  Cause the longer they stay on your site, the more google thinks it’s a valuable site!

Links to all the major platforms they can listen on (your embed form might have this already in it)

Your show notes for each show – are written out ON your site.  This is crucial to help with SEO.  This is how Google is going to find you!

Consider a blog post and transcription added to your site too.  Don’t forget, transcription is NOT a blog post!


Need help?

This is what we do.  If your podcast isn’t being seen by google, let’s talk.  

Why Your Podcast Needs a Webstie

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